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Laica S.p.A.

LAICA is a family owned company with global headquarters in northern Italy established in 1974.
Our expertise is in the water filtration, health care and well being consumer product categories.

LAICA is fully dedicated to quality, sustainability and human rights.

Our voluntary human rights duty…

Laica believes, in and supports ethical enterprise by balancing the needs of profit with that of the environment and the needs of mankind as follows:

The “Certified Human Rights logo”, certifies that our production has been completed within the terms of our “Code of Professional Ethics in the Workplace”. This code includes:

protecting Human Rights

respect for the value and dignity of mankind is our primary concern. Our code respects the UN and ILO International Conventions covering prohibition of Child Labour;

protecting the Rights of Workers

we are committed to systems and processes which promote the well being of workers at all levels of the entire production chain including systematic verification inspections;

protecting the Rights of Consumers

we are committed to the continuous improvement of customer relationships by constant dialogue.

Customer Satisfaction

Dear Customer,
Filling in this questionnaire will allow Laica to offer you quality products which we believe you will find interesting and beneficial. The data you send will be stored at the headquarters of Laica S.p.A. -Viale del Lavoro, 10 - Fraz. Ponte - 36021 Barbarano Vicentino (Vi) and will not be transferred to third parties in compliance with Article 7 of Law 196/03. You have the right to access your data at any time and to require deletion or opposition to the use of that data.

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