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Laica S.p.A.

LAICA is a family owned company with global headquarters in northern Italy established in 1974.
Our expertise is in the water filtration, health care and well being consumer product categories.

LAICA is fully dedicated to quality, sustainability and human rights.

Highest quality beyond the required…

Due to our comprehensive portfolio LAICA undergoes the most challenging combination of quality requirements not only in food grade, water, and electrical but also medical appliances. In addition LAICA executes wide rage of voluntarily quality requirements internally and externally by laboratories and neutral body institutions. Our certification of ISO 9001, health requirements, government regulations and quality approvals are of outmost importance part of our continuous quality assurance system.

LAICA goes beyond the required to provide safe products to our consumers, our team and environment ensuring safe manufacturing effect on materials.

Quality, consumer safety and satisfaction are synonym words for LAICA . Our filter cartridges are 100% traceable from the raw materials to customers dispatch.