Safety guarantee

Controls and a strict production method are an integral part of the LAICA operating system.
To ensure that the entire portfolio of products always meets the highest levels of quality standard requirements, in addition to performing statutory controls, LAICA voluntarily subjects all its products to a long series of additional quality tests.

During the production process each component, from the smallest to the largest, is subjected to the most stringent controls to ensure high performance, reliable products. The same amount of attention is dedicated to the selection of raw materials. The result is that LAICA has a long list of quality certifications from international organisations and independent research laboratories.
The management of the quality system of business processes is certified according to the ISO 9001: 2015 regulatory standards.

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Research and development

Research and development into products and solutions is constant, intense and articulated, as befits a company that is distinguished for its technological innovation and cutting-edge solutions. International collaboration and partnerships ensure that LAICA continually monitors the market and industry in all its business areas. LAICA pursues collaboration with technical-scientific bodies and participates in Community and national projects, which are further drivers of LAICA’s research and development.