Laica HYDROSMART™ is a 100% Made in Italy tap filter that improves the taste of mains water by reducing any unwanted substances that may be present such as: Microplastics, Chlorine, Herbicides and chlorinated pesticides, Sand, rust and suspended particles.

The HYDROSMART™ filter is compatible with the LAICA tap filter models.

HYDROSMART™ LAICA has a filtration capacity of 900L / 3 months.

The advantages of the HYDROSMART™ filter

Technical features

✓ Safe and easy to assemble tap filter
✓ 900 L / 3 months of filtered water
✓ Instant filtration
✓ Effectively reduces any substances present in the mains water such as: microplastics, chlorine, herbicides and chlorinated pesticides, sand, rust and suspended particles.
✓ Compatible with LAICA tap filter models.


Compatible products

Tap filter

Tap filter

Made in Italy

HYDROSMART™ filters are developed and produced in Italy. Thanks to the hollow fiber membrane and activated carbon, they guarantee effective and instant filtration directly from the tap.

An innovative and eco-sustainable solution to enjoy all the good taste of water every day comfortably at home.

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Tap filter

With the HYDROSMART™ filter you can freely enjoy all the good water directly to your tap.

Practical and simple to assemble, HYDROSMART™ adapts perfectly to give you all the convenience of always having safe water available every day.

HYDROSMART™ filter by LAICA: your ecological solution for daily hydration!

Frequently asked questions and answers


When should I replace the HYDROSMART™ tap filter?

The HYDROSMART™ filter must be replaced every 900L / 3 months of filtered water.

How do I know when to replace the HYDROSMART™ tap filter?

It’s simple, just download the free Laica Home Wellness app on your smartphone, scan the QR code on the top of the HYDROSMART ™ filter using the app and save the settings. Upon expiry you will receive an automatic notification of filter replacement on your smartphone.