MikroPLASTIK-STOP™ filter

LAICA, a specialist in home filtration systems for more than thirty years, has developed MikroPLASTIK-STOP™, the filter that blocks microplastics.
Thanks to the special technology, this filter reduces particles of size ≥0.1µm (micrometers) such as microplastics possibly present in the mains water by 99.99% *.

The MikroPLASTIK-STOP™ filter has a duration of one year equal to 1000L of filtered water *****.

Technical features

Duration: 1000L / 1 year of filtered water

Hollow fiber filter:

Blocks suspended particles of size ≥0.1µm (micrometers), such as microplastics

Eliminates the turbidity of the water

Tested by independent laboratories in Germany and Italy


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Tested by independent accredited laboratories

The effectiveness of the MikroPLASTIK-STOPTM filter has been tested by independent laboratories accredited in Italy and by the Wessling Gmbh laboratory in Germany and is able to block more than 99.5% of microplastics possibly present in the mains water, for dimensions equal to or greater than 0.1µm.

For dimensions equal to or greater than 1 micrometer, the percentage of blocked microplastics goes over 99.99%.

We check the quality of our products to leave you and your family with all the tranquility you need to make every day a day of well-being.


Replacement component for MikroPLASTIK-STOP ™ filter jug

Two filters, a jug, zero plastic particles in the water you drink.

The LAICA MikroPLASTIK-STOP ™ filter jug ​​is the first carafe capable of blocking microplastics*.

Thanks to the double filtering system formed by the bi-flux® cartridge and from the MikroPLASTIK-STOP™ filter you can enjoy with your family all the goodness of tap water, safely and sustainably.


Frequently asked questions and answers

Correct activation procedure of the MikroPLASTIK-STOP™ filter

In order to correctly activate the MikroPLASTIK-STOP™ filter, it is necessary to use the filtered water from a bi-flux® cartridge.

What are microplastics?

Microplastics are plastic materials whose size varies from 0.1 to 5000 µm (thousandths of a thousand meter). These are invisible to the human eye and may be present in the mains water **.

How often should I change the MikroPLASTIK-STOP™ LAICA filters?

We recommend changing the filters every 1000 liters / 1 year of filtration (compliance with this indication ensures maximum efficiency and safety of the product.

* The MikroPLASTIK-STOP ™ filter blocks more than 99.5% OF Microplastics with dimensions ≥ 0.1 µm possibly present in the mains water.
For particles ≥ 1 µm the reduction rate is ≥ 99.99%.

** Microplastics are not necessarily present in the mains water, for more information contact your manager of the water network.

*** MikroPLASTIK-STOP ™ filters have been designed to guarantee maximum efficiency, safety and quality, necessarily using them with biica flux® LAICA cartridges.

**** Useful to our body and naturally present in the mains water.

***** The MikroPLASTIK-STOP ™ filter stops working if the pores of its hollow fibers are completely blocked. Tests performed with test water with an orbit of 30 FAU indicate the lifespan of 1000 L.