Rediscover the great taste of tap water with LAICA filters

Wellness can also be the result of a simple gesture carried out several times a day, like drinking a glass of water. Drinking your home’s tap water is highly convenient, as it is always at your fingertips. Tap water is monitored and safe, but does not always have a pleasant taste. LAICA water filter jugs improve the taste and quality of tap water, while in no way altering its safety, in an easy and convenient way. LAICA offers a wide range of water filter jugs from the simplest to the most innovative. Particular attention is paid to the design of the jugs, which are truly decorative items that enhance your table without having to sacrifice their practical aspect. Water filtered with LAICA jugs is great, safe to drink and always conveniently available at home, as well as ideal for preparing hot and cold drinks or for cooking.