LAICA for Rise Against Hunger

A small but worthwhile initiative to change the lives of millions of people.
LAICA employees become volunteers for a day to package together the ingredients for thousands of meals in just a few hours, earmarked for the schools of countries embroiled in a serious humanitarian crisis. Rise Against Hunger is a non-profit organisation that aims to end hunger throughout the world and achieve sustainable development, which is essential to guarantee and promote the well-being of everyone.


The RAH event sees volunteers coming together to package meals made up of 5 simple ingredients.


The meals are canned and transported for distribution. All packaged meals bear a batch number that enables them to be tracked to their final destination.

Distribution of meals

The packaged meals are distributed by RAH partners. The meals are donated to schools to incentivise children to attend, thereby promoting education.


Packaging event

During the event held on 13 May, 40 LAICA employees enthusiastically worked together to package thousands of meals.

Five simple ingredients were packaged: rice, soya, dehydrated vegetables, vitamins and mineral salts.

All this with a commitment and team spirit that allows LAICA to do its bit for the RAH mission.


From the volunteers to the final destination

The packaged meals are canned and shipped all over the world to countries that are most in need.

These are countries embroiled in humanitarian crises, with huge inequality and where the risk of many inhabitants falling into a chain of exploitation and uncertainty is very high.

The meals’ journey is tracked by a batch number to monitor the effective delivery of the aid.

Distribution of meals

A first step towards change

The packaged meals are earmarked for school children in countries embroiled in a serious humanitarian crisis.

Although the primary objective of Rise Against Hunger is to offer assistance to those who are hungry, it also lays the foundations for long-term change.

Donating complete and nutritious meals to schools is an effective way to promote schooling, guaranteeing the right to education and to healthy development. The aim is to offer millions of children the opportunity to build a better future for themselves.

This is all possible. It all begins with a small but worthwhile act of charity.

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