LAICA for the environment

LAICA adopts daily behaviours that are both environmentally friendly and sustainable for our planet. From each product’s design phase, preference is given to choices that take greater account of reasonable use of resources and respect for nature.
LAICA is committed to minimising the environmental impact of packaging.
The amount of product packaging has been significantly reduced. Safe and environmentally friendly materials are used.
The Company adopts a sensible attitude toward recycling and saving energy on a daily basis.
Employees are trained so that they can behave in an environmentally friendly manner and reduce water and electricity consumption. Business partners are also chosen by taking their commitment to the environment into consideration.
LAICA invests in the field of water filtering to help reduce both CO2 emissions and the amount of waste.


LAICA for social responsibility

LAICA believes in ethical companies that balance their profit-related needs with those of the environment and mankind. LAICA has chosen to actively engage in corporate responsibility and is involved in various social projects, especially for children.
LAICA supports the Surgery for Children Association, which is an association of volunteer doctors and nurses who work together to promote paediatric care for children of “poor” countries suffering from congenital or acquired diseases.
LAICA supports the B.I.R.D. Europe Foundation Onlus. The Institute is reference point for rare and/or genetic diseases aiming to enhance the range of assistance currently offered for the diagnosis and treatment of these diseases.

LAICA for Rise Against Hunger

A small but worthwhile initiative to change the lives of millions of people.

LAICA employees become volunteers for a day to package together the ingredients for thousands of meals in just a few hours, earmarked for the schools of countries embroiled in a serious humanitarian crisis. Rise Against Hunger is a non-profit organisation that aims to end hunger throughout the world and achieve sustainable development, which is essential to guarantee and promote the well-being of everyone.

hands unity for LAICA

Code of ethics

LAICA production follows the terms of the “Code of Professional Ethics in the Workplace”:

Protection of Human Rights
The code adopted by LAICA respects the international conventions established by the United Nations and the International Labour Organisation.

Protection of Workers’ Rights
The Company is committed to the well-being of workers at every level of the entire production chain.

Consumer Rights Protection
LAICA is committed to continuously improving customer relations through constant dialogue.