LAICA: the filtration experts

LAICA is an Italian company that, for over twenty years, has been producing and exporting filtration systems for tap water all over the world.

Custom filters for coffee machines 100% Made in Italy

Thanks to a scientific product approach, LAICA is able to identify the best customized solution for filtration systems and filter formulations for coffee machines.

LAICA actively collaborates with the major players in the market.

Bi-flux® cartridge Coffe and Tea for filter Jugs

Bi-flux® Coffe and Tea is a cartridge for filter jugs with a special formulation dedicated to tea and coffee preparation. Bi-flux® Coffe and Tea reduces the hardness of the mains water, preserving the mineral salts that are useful to the body. It also reduces chemical contaminants, heavy metals and chlorine that may be present in the mains water. The cartridge also maintains the water’s controlled pH to enhance the taste of tea and coffee.

For a good coffee you need good water

All coffee experts like Barista, roasters and professionals say that water is critical for the positive effects of good coffee.

LAICA integrated water filter benefits

LAICA integrated water filter benefits

Cleaner water for Coffee

Better taste

Protects machines

Advanced limescale reduction

Laica filters for coffee machines

A complete line of filters for coffee machines: different solutions for better results.

Power Blue

Power White

Power Aroma


Aqua-Scan™ PLUS

Enjoy the pleasure of italian coffee aroma

Laica water filters are produced and developed at the Laica headquarters located in Barbarano Mossano (VI).
The high quality standards of the raw materials and the laboratory tests carried out, ensure that Laica filters always are made with the highest quality.