Dual Flo is the innovative solution that combines the functions of a simple kettle with those of an instant hot water dispenser: it boils and dispenses only the amount of water required, thus avoiding waste.

Combining the function of a standard kettle with an automatic “One-Cup Dispenser” machine powered by Strix technology, the Dual Flo kettle by LAICA is an innovative 2-in-1 kettle that boils, but also dispenses only the water you need.
It is the special kettle that can also dispense a cup of hot water, making this simple gesture more sustainable for the planet: it saves energy and avoids water wastage.

Dispensing mode

Flexible volume and dispensing to satisfy everyday needs.


Dispensing Mode
“One-Cup Dispenser”

Dual Flo’s Benefits

Technical features


✓ Capacity: Min. 0.75 L – Max 1.5 L
✓ One cup brewing capacity: 150 – 250 ml
✓ First cup dispensing time: <60 sec
✓ Dimensions: 24.5⟷ x 21.2↑ x 26.6⤢ cm
✓ Wattage: EU 2.4 KW
✓ Voltage: 220-240V ~ 50-60Hz