Sous Vide Laica

Have you ever dreamed of cooking the perfect dish?
Tasty foods cooked just right, with perfect consistency and natural colours. Just like in the best restaurants.
Today you can, with Sous Vide LAICA cooking appliances.
Cook your favourite dishes like a real chef, in the comfort of your own home.

Automatic temperature control

More flavour

Healthy cooking

You’re the chef

What is Sous Vide?

Discover all the functions and advantages of Sous Vide cooking, and how to always make the perfect dish.

Functions and advantages

Discover the products

Discover LAICA products for Sous Vide cooking:
a thermocirculator, an oven, vacuum bags and rolls.

Sous Vide Products

Cook at home like the professionals, discover Sous Vide cooking and don’t miss the starred recipe videos made together with the 2-star Michelin restaurant LA PECA.

COOKBOOK (Italian only)

Cooking tips and FAQs

Consult the table for Sous Vide indicative cooking times and temperatures.
You will also find the most common questions and answers.

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