Company profile

LAICA, Home Wellness

LAICA is committed to offering functional products that support your everyday life at home with the people we love.

The Company

Established in Vicenza in 1974 by the Moretto family, LAICA is an Italian specialist company in the production of small household appliances for personal health and wellness and water purification equipment. The company’s success is based on its dedication to high quality, safety and product design, with the aim of improving consumer wellness.


LAICA was founded in 1974 by Leonida Moretto and his wife Teresa, who began their business by producing a small line of kitchen scales in their hometown of Vicenza.

Their passion and care for the product at every stage of its production resulted in the company’s rapid development and soon the range of products was expanded with personal scales. In 1992, the company’s management passed on to the family’s next generation and current managers, Maurizio and Anna Maria, who significantly expanded and diversified the product range, dedicating particular attention to medical devices for home use. Over the years, the company has taken on an international profile, focusing on product research and innovation. Thanks to the experience in the field of home medical devices, the new LAICA generation has introduced a water filtration system on the market that has been developed with a scientific approach. A simple, safe and technologically advanced filtration system to improve tap water quality.

Over the last ten years, LAICA has initiated a process of development and consolidation that has led to the opening of branches in Europe and Asia and the creation of an international sales network. Today, LAICA products are sold on all five continents.

In addition to the design of technologically advanced and reliable products, LAICA has always been involved in work valuing environmental sustainability, human rights and quality of life.

Made in Italy and Italian design

LAICA products are characterised by the high quality of their raw materials and production process, and by attention to detail and creative designs and shapes, as with the best Italian manufacturing traditions. To this end, the R&D centre, Quality and Design offices, the CAD Engineering office and the production of filter jugs and cartridges are all located in Vicenza.