Glass filter bottle Laica GlaSSmart™

The Laica GlaSSmart™ glass filter bottle is a product that combines elegance and design with the innovative FAST DISK™ instant filtration technology.
The glass of the GlaSSmart™ bottle best preserves all the natural characteristics of water. An eco-sustainable choice being 100% reusable and recyclable.
The Glassmart™ filter bottle, thanks to the FAST DISK™ activated carbon technology, filters the water instantly, preserving the minerals useful to the body present in the mains water and reducing chlorine. GlaSSmart™ by LAICA is a 100% Made in Italy glass filter bottle.



Technical Features

✓ Safe, reusable, durable and dishwasher safe glass bottle
✓ Instant filtration
✓ Activated carbon filter: improves the taste of water
✓ 100% BPA Free FAST DISK™ cap and filter
✓ Hygienic anti-odor cap with manual indicator of life of the Eco Friendly filter
✓ Capacity: 1.1 L
✓ Filter life 120L / 1 month
✓ Compact shape suitable for refrigeration



The innovative patented FAST DISK™ LAICA filter allows for instant filtering of mains water.

Thanks to the active carbon microfilament technology, it improves the taste of water and maintains the mineral salts useful to the body naturally present in the mains water by reducing chlorine.

FAST DISK™ LAICA has a filtration capacity of 120L / 1 month.


Download the Laica Home Wellness app for free

Optimize the duration of your FAST DISK filter and get automatic replacement notification!



After downloading the free Laica Home Wellness app, start the application on your smartphone. On the HOME screen, select FILTRATION and allow access to your device’s camera. Scan the QR code on the bag of your Laica FAST DISK™ filter.

imposta la durata

Set and optimize the duration

Select the chlorine level in the mains water (request more information from your water network manager) and save the settings. Your Laica FAST DISK™ filter is now connected to the Laica Home Wellness app!

notifica di sostituzione

Get replacement notification

When the FAST DISK™ filter expires, you will receive an automatic notification on your smartphone that will notify you to replace the filter. With Laica drinking water with a good taste has never been so simple and smart!

Glass filter bottle Laica GlaSSmart™

Always drink good tasting water in complete safety, with the LAICA GlaSSmart™ glass filter bottle.

GlaSSmart™ is an economical and intelligent solution for daily hydration:

you can always have good tasting water available at home in a safe, reusable and resistant glass bottle. Discover the daily well-being of drinking good water comfortably at home.


Frequently asked questions and answers

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers: Laica GlaSSmart™ glass bottle

How long does the Fast Disk filter last?

The FAST DISK™ filter can filter up to 120 liters of water, guaranteeing 1 month of filtered water.

What are the advantages of the Fast Disk filter?

The FAST DISK ™ filter keeps the mineral salts naturally present in the mains water by reducing chlorine. Thanks to the FAST DISK ™ filter it is possible to have a good tasting water instantly.

How to change the Fast Disk filter?

To replace the filter, unscrew the cap from the bottle, turn the filter counterclockwise and remove it by pulling it upwards.
Rinse the new filter under running cold drinking water for about 30 seconds.
Insert the new filter in the appropriate housing in the cap by pressing lightly and turning it clockwise.

How to wash the filter bottle?

Remove the cap from the bottle. Remove the FAST DISK™ filter taking care to place it on a clean surface and wash the cap by hand with lukewarm water and washing up liquid. Make sure you have rinsed and removed all soap residue before screwing on the cap.
Wash all components, except the filter, by hand with lukewarm water and dish soap at least 2-3 times a week. Do not use other chemicals or abrasives.
The glass bottle body of the GlaSSmart™ bottle can also be washed in the dishwasher.

How filtration takes place?

Filtration takes place instantly while the water is poured.

I can keep the water in the refrigerator?

Certainly. The compact shape of the bottle adapts to storage in the door of most refrigerators on the market. If the bottle is not used for 24 hours, we recommend replacing any water left inside the bottle.

* maintains the mineral salts naturally present in mains water.