Healthy air throughout the house

Design and technology

Wellness starts with the safety and protection of all the environments of the house

Thanks to the new range of LAICA air treatment products, you can obtain the best conditions for the health and wellness of the whole family.

Discover the LAICA solutions to improve air quality: humidifiers, which maintain an optimal level of humidity in the room and purifiers that can remove particles, allergens, pollutants, viruses, and bad smells.

Humidifier: what is it?

The humidifier restores moisture to the air, balances its levels and distributes it evenly for a healthy home.

It is an extremely useful device that uses water vapour to regulate humidity in domestic environments, and in this way, allows you to breathe clean, quality air.

There are two types: hot and ultrasonic humidifiers. The former vaporise the water by heating it, the latter use their internal ceramic plates to create high-frequency sound vibrations, releasing drops of water that then evaporate.

Humidifier: what are the benefits?

Air purifier: what is it?

An air purifier is a device used to remove various types of particles or pollutants found in indoor air.

Purifiers equipped with a HEPA-activated carbon filter and plasma generator are particularly effective against microparticles, pollution and fine dust. The air is sucked in and passed through the filter, which captures various tiny, invisible particles. In this way, pollutants are trapped and clean, healthy air is released into the environment.

Purifier: what are the benefits?

LAICA humidifiers and air purifiers

Protection of all the environments of the house

WARNING! Communication for all owners of the product: LAICA HI3012 humidifier.
The HI3012 humidifier, which is currently no longer in the LAICA product range, has been found not to comply with the amendment of a European regulation.
If you are in possession of this product, we kindly ask you to take it back to where you bought it.