LAICA health care is the range of LAICA medical products for home use designed to take care of your wellness on a daily basis. Safe products that guarantee the reliability of LAICA technology and are practical and easy to use, simplifying monitoring your body’s well-being at home.

Blood pressure monitors

Arm and wrist blood pressure monitors

LAICA blood pressure monitors are medical devices for home use that are practical and easy to use. They are fully automatic and allow you to rapidly measure blood pressure values.
They are perfect for frequently measuring your blood pressure at home.

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Misuratori di pressione da braccio


Aerosol therapy equipment

LAICA aerosol therapy devices are reliable and practical and allow for effective nebulisation. All appliances are equipped with an adult and paediatric mask.

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Thermometers with infrared and digital technology

LAICA thermometers safely and easily detect body temperature.

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