LAICA bi-flux® cartridge

Replacement component for LAICA filter jugs

The bi-flux® cartridge is an exclusive patent of LAICA, an Italian company with more than thirty years of experience in the world of domestic water filtration.
The bi-flux® cartridge preserves the mineral salts useful to the body naturally present in the mains water and reduces the hardness of the water.
The bi-flux® cartridge also reduces: heavy metals, chlorine, chemical contaminants, some pesticides and chlorinated herbicides and trihalomethanes possibly present in the mains water.

The bi-flux® cartridge has a duration of one month equal to 150L of filtered water.

Cartridge activation tutorial

Technical features

150 L / 1 month of filtered water

Maintains the mineral salts useful for the body present in the network water

Reduces hardness

Reduces the presence of: heavy metals, chemical contaminants, some chlorinated pesticides and herbicides and trihalomethanes (possibly present in the tap water)

It reduces chlorine

100% Made in Italy

150 L / 1 mese di acqua filtrata

Mantiene i Sali minerali utili all’organismo presenti nell’acqua di rete

Riduce la durezza

Riduce la presenza di: metalli pesanti, contaminanti chimici, alcuni pesticidi ed erbicidi clorurati e trialometani (eventualmente presenti nell’acqua di rete)

Riduce il cloro

100% Made in Italy

MANUAL data sheet

A cartridge compatible with all ** LAICA filter jugs

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Certified safety and quality

For over thirty years LAICA has specialized in home filtration with over 100 patents filed all over the world.
The bi-flux® cartridges have been tested and certified by the international Water Quality Association and have been tested by independent laboratories accredited in accordance with the DM 25 7/02/2012.
Bi-flux® cartridges are developed, produced and sterilized by LAICA SpA in Italy and are 100% traceable.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Are bi-flux® cartridges compatible with other filter jug models?

We can certify the effectiveness and compatibility of the bi-flux® filter cartridge only for all models of LAICA brand filter jugs and the LAICA MikroPLASTIK-STOP™ filter jug.

I just changed the filter and there seems to be black dust in the water, is this normal?

The release of black particles is in no way harmful to health and in no way compromises the quality of the filtered water. The released particles are nothing more than some granules of activated carbon contained in the filter, an absolutely edible and natural substance. The cartridge can be used until the end of its life, as filtration performance and safety are unaltered.

Filtration does not occur or occurs slowly

Sometimes inside the filter cartridge, air bubbles can form which act as “pressure caps” preventing the regular flow of water. To restore the normal operation of the filter, simply remove it from its housing, immerse it in water, letting the bubbles come out, drain it and put it back in the tank.

How often should I change biica flux® LAICA cartridges?

We recommend changing the filters every 150 liters / 30 days of filtration (compliance with this indication ensures maximum efficiency and safety of the product.

If I don't consume 150 L of water, do I still have to change the filter after a month?

For optimal cartridge operation, it is recommended to replace it every 30 days for a maximum filtering of 150 liters (maximum daily filtering of 5 liters). We also recommend using the water from the carafe for all side operations to drink, such as water for the kettle, for cooking, for coffee, etc.

* useful for the body naturally present in the mains water
** except for the multi-flux® LAICA models.