Home according to LAICA

Innovation and Design

A home where you feel comfortable in every room, where you live your daily life in harmony with yourself and loved ones. Home according to LAICA is a place of well-being, where you can live in complete freedom.
LAICA is committed to offering functional products that support your everyday life at home. For the kitchen, the heart of every home, LAICA has a range of reliable and easy-to-use products that make everyday food preparation and preservation easier. A full range of kitchen scales, vacuum machines and pasta preparation machines.

Kitchen scales

Accuracy and design for kitchen use since 1974

The kitchen is the heart of the home and the scale has always been its symbolic accessory. With a great deal of experience in producing kitchen scales and as a leader in the field, LAICA has paid great attention to the product’s technological development without however neglecting its design. The LAICA range of kitchen scales is designed to meet all your needs: from the most essential and compact scales designed for those seeking a practical, functional scale, to the most spacious scales with a large bowl. LAICA offers kitchen scales with a young and modern design, with touch sensor technology and mechanical scales with a vintage look.

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kitchen scale LAICA
Macchine per sottovuoto


Keeping food fresh has never been so easy!

A complete line of fully automatic vacuum machines that let you preserve food in optimal conditions for a long time without having to give up on taste. Simple, safe, compact and intuitive, the new LAICA vacuum machines let you vacuum pack and store any type of food, protecting it from the air and preserving its freshness and quality.

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Pasta machines

Italian tradition

The line of LAICA fresh pasta machines and accessories is inspired by the Italian culinary tradition, allowing you to rediscover old-fashioned cooking habits and homemade pasta flavours.

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Macchine per la pasta
Umidificatore ultrasuoni

Home improvement

Products designed to improve day-to-day wellness. Safe and simple to use, the products of the LAICA Home improvement line feature unmistakable attention to design and detail. Small-sized major allies for the whole family’s well-being.

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