Instant Filtration

LAICA, a specialist in domestic filter systems for more than thirty years, has created the innovative FAST DISK™ active carbon filter, which allows you to filter water instantly. The FAST DISK™ filter is an ecological and economic solution for daily hydration, suitable for those who want to drink good-tasting water from the comfort of their home, avoiding the use of a disposable plastic bottle.

Advantages of FAST DISK™ filter


The innovative patented FAST DISK™ LAICA filter allows you to obtain instantaneous filtration of the mains water.
Thanks to the activated carbon microfilament technology, it improves the taste of the water and maintains the mineral salts useful to the body naturally present in the mains water, reducing chlorine.

FAST DISK ™ LAICA has a filtration capacity of 120L / 1 month.


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Made in Italy

FAST DISK™ filters are an exclusive patent of LAICA and are made 100% in Italy.
Safe, practical and reliable, LAICA FAST DISK™ filters are developed and produced in Italy. A unique, innovative and eco-sustainable filter to enjoy the good taste of water at home with people we love every day.

* keeps the natural salts naturally present in the main water useful for the body

Frequent Asked Question

How long does the FAST DISK™ filter last?

The FAST DISK™ filter can filter up to 120 liters of water ensuring 1 month of filtered water.

What are the advantages of the FAST DISK™ filter?

The FAST DISK™ filter keeps the mineral salts naturally present in the mains water by reducing chlorine. Thanks to the FAST DISK ™ filter it is possible to have water with a good taste instantly.

How to change the FAST DISK™ filter?

To replace the FAST DISK™ filter, unscrew the cap from the bottle, turn the filter counterclockwise and remove it by pulling it upwards.
Rinse the new filter under running cold drinking water for about 30 seconds.
Insert the new filter in the appropriate housing in the cap by pressing lightly and turning it clockwise.

How does filtration take place?

Filtration occurs instantly while pouring water.