Genova tap filter

Genova tap filter

With the Laica Genova tap filter it is easy to have good tasting water available every day, free of residues and unwanted substances, from the comfort of your home tap.

The Laica Genova tap filter is an ecological solution Made in Italy. The connector, equipped with two adjustable functions, is simple to install on standard taps found in homes. The HYDROSMART™ filter allows instant and effective filtration thanks to the hollow fiber membrane and activated carbon.

The HYDROSMART™ filter is 100% Made in Italy and has a duration of 900 L equal to 3 months of filtered water.

2 adjustable functions


Accordion Panel

Filtered water for drinking, cooking and carrying out all daily operations with safe, good tasting water.


Accordion Panel

Unfiltered water for washing fruit, vegetables and dishes.

Find out how to assemble the Laica Genova tap filter
in a few simple steps

Genova tap filter

Genova tap filter

Technical features

✓ Safe and easy to assemble tap filter
✓ Compatible with standard taps on the market and in homes
✓ Instant filtration
✓ Membrane filter of hollow fibers and activated carbon
✓ 2 functions: filtered water, unfiltered water
✓ Filter life 900L / 3 months
✓ HYDROSMART filter 100% Made in Italy

manual product details

Effectively reduces:

✓ Chlorine
✓ Microplastics
✓ Herbicides and chlorinated pesticides
✓ Sand, rust and suspended particles

manual product details

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Genova tap filter

Good tasting tap water in your home, whenever you want and in complete safety.

With the Genova tap filter it’s simple: easy to assemble, it adapts perfectly to your home tap thanks to the included adapters.

Laica Genova tap filter: your ecological solution to have good and safe water available every day!

*maintains the mineral salts useful to the body and naturally present in mains water.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Frequently asked questions and answers: Genova tap filter

When should I replace the HYDROSMART™ filter?

The HYDROSMART™ filter must be replaced every 900L / 3 months of filtered water.

Do I have to buy a special adapter to install the Genova tap filter?

Inside the package there are adapters compatible with standard taps on the market.

How do I know when to replace the HYDROSMART™ filter?

It’s simple, just download the free Laica Home Wellness app on your smartphone, scan the QR code on the top of the HYDROSMART™ filter using the app and save the settings. Upon expiration, you will receive an automatic notification of filter replacement on your smartphone.

Do I need a plumber to install the tap filter?

The LAICA tap filter is simple to install and does not require the support of a plumber.