Instant Heater

Instant Heater Volcano 03 by LAICA is a filtering system that allows you to prepare hot drinks with filtered water.

The double filter system consists of a bi-flux® cartridge and a Germ-STOP™ filter. The bi-flux® cartridge keeps the mineral salts useful to the body naturally present in the network water and reduces hardness, heavy metals, chemical contaminants, herbicides and pesticides possibly present in the network water. The Germ-STOP™ filter is a narrow mesh filter that blocks 99.999%** of the bacteria possibly present in the mains water.

The bi-flux® cartridge and Germ-STOP™ filter are 100% Made in Italy.

Instant Heater Tutorial

Instant Heater Process


Pour the tap water into the tank of the Instant Heater and wait for water filtration to take place.


Adjust the desired temperature and press the power button. The filtered water will be dispensed at the desired temperature


Once the cup is filled with hot water, turn off the instant heater by pressing the OFF button. The hot water is ready to prepare tea, infusions and herbal teas with a unique flavor.

Technical features

  • ✓ Total capacity: 3 liters
  • ✓ Super fast boiling
  • ✓ Adjustable temperature (From 0 to 100° C)
  • ✓ Mechanical bi-flux® lifetime indicator
  • ✓ bi-flux® cartridges and Germ-STOP™ filters 100% made in Italy
  • ✓ Tested by accredited and independent labs
  • ✓ 100% BPA Free

Instant Heater

Double filter system 100% made in Italy

Filtro Bi-flux

bi-flux® cartridge

The LAICA bi-flux® filter keeps the minerals useful to the body naturally present in the mains water and reduces hardness. The cartridge also reduces: heavy metals chemical contaminants, pesticides and herbicides possibly present in the mains water. The bi-flux® filter has a life of 150 L equal to two months of filtered water

Filtro Germ Stop

Germ-STOP™ filters

The Germ-STOP™ filter is able to block 99.999%** of bacteria possibly present in the mains water. Thanks to its narrow mesh, the filter is able to block suspended particles of size ≥0.1 µm and eliminate the turbidity of the water. The Germ-STOP™ filter has a life of 1000 L equal to one year of filtered water.

Instant Heater LAICA

Enjoy your hot drinks in total safety

With Laica instant Heater, preparing your hot drinks from the comfort of your home is simple.
Enjoy all the aroma and pleasure of a cup of tea, infusion or herbal tea with your family in total safety.

*useful to the body naturally present in the mains water.
** Tests carried out by Accredited Laboratories on Escherichia Coli ATCC 25922 (WDCM 00013), Legionella pneumophila ATCC 33152 (WDCM 00107), Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC 9027 (WDCM 00026) and Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 25923 (WDCM 00034).