XPRO Blender VB3300

Less oxidation more well-being

Thanks to the special airtight cap it’s possible to connect the XPRO VB3300 mixer to a LAICA * vacuum machine to automatically aspirate all the air from the graduated jug, maintaining freshness, homogeneous colors, taste and flavor of the ingredients. The hardened stainless steel blades and the powerful pro-power motor also allow to chop the hardest ingredients and chop the ice.

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The advantages of vacuum blending

Preserves antioxidant and vitamin properties

Thanks to the vacuum, the organoleptic properties of ingredients such as antioxidants and vitamins are maintained.

Full and unchanged taste

When the ingredients are blended under vacuum you get a clean and natural flavor and the layers are not separated from the air bubbles.

Creamy sensation

With the absence of air, a velvety juice is obtained thanks to the shredding of dietary fibers.

More vivid and homogeneous colors

The vacuum-packed blender keeps the colors fresh, enhancing its homogeneity and liveliness.

3 method of use

Ease of preparation


Make emptiness

Creating the vacuum in the glass graduated pitcher of LAICA’s VB3300 blender is simple!
Thanks to the supplied connector, you can connect your * LAICA compatible vacuum machine to the valve on the blender lid and remove the air before making the smoothies.
In this way you will be able to preserve all the nutritional and antioxidant properties of the ingredients and obtain creamy and tasty smoothies.


Blend with simplicity

VB3300 is a powerful blender equipped with six stainless steel blades.
The pro-power engine with 21,000 rpm and 1200 watts of power can be adjusted up to 10 different speed levels or through the three automatic programs: pulse, ice crush and smoothie.


Enjoy all the freshness

Blending vacuum packs makes all your preparations more tasty and with the nutritional properties unchanged.
By removing the air the ingredients are preserved by the oxidation process.
Thanks to the vacuum, moreover, the preparations will have a more intense color, a creamy consistency and will be more digestible.

XPRO Blender VB3300

Technical sheet


  • Lid with airtight seal for vacuum packing
  • Connector for vacuum machine
  • Graduated glass pitcher of 1750 ml
  • 6 tempered stainless steel blades
  • 1200W pro-power motor for 21,000 rpm
  • 10 speed levels
  • 3 programs: pulse, ice crusher and smoothie
  • Non-slip feet
  • Machine body in steel


Pulse: manual pulse mode

Ice crush: to chop ice and harder ingredients like frozen fruit

Smoothie: automatic program suitable for preparing smoothies and velvets

Product details

Vacuum containers VT3800

Taste and freshness always with you

The practical LAICA vacuum containers allow you to always carry smoothies and other vacuum-packed foods while maintaining their natural taste and freshness. Thanks to the manual pump and the hermetic closure system, it is possible to obtain the vacuum simply and in a few seconds.


Put vacuum

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* Compatible with the LAICA VT3120, VT3119, VT3118, VT3117 and VT3104 vacuum machines and with most of the other brands on the market